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Breathing passion into life while riding through Athens

High-End, yet affordable Tours in Athens, Greece

When it comes to travel it is all about the journey not the destination. It is easy to find 10 nice places to visit in Athens, Greece, a popular Athens city tour to book and several means of transportation to use. But how do you make the journey worth it when time is limited, the places to visit are countless, the distance to cover is long and the process is expensive, consuming and exhausting?

Only, with SegYourWay.

You no longer have to walk long distances or look out of a car window. With SegYourWay you are in charge! So, at the end of the day you know you did it your way. SegYourWay Athens Segway tours are the new trend in urban travel and are here to offer you the most original, high-end, laid-back and yet affordable tours in Athens, Greece tailored to your needs and desires.



The entire City centre Within your Reach

ATHENS. A city, an experience. Where it all began.

Athens, a tour where the past meets the present. A ride through history, myths and legends. A unique, unforgettable experience.

  • Athens, city centre

  • 3 Hours

  • 6 Guests

  • More than 15 sights

  • History

ATHENS. A journey from the ancient past to the modern present.

A ride through the rich history of the Greek Metropolis.

  • Athens, city center

  • 3 Ηours

  • 6 Guests

  • More than 15 sights

  • History

Why you will love us?

Easy, Comprehensive, & Always fun

Easy Booking

Book online, by phone or at our office

Professional Tour leaders

Bachelor Graduates in Archaeology

Be Understood

Choose from more than 5 languages. Client Reception from 9 am to 8 pm

Transfer Service

Hotel pick up from Athens downtown upon request

Athens up Close

As fast as cycling, as easy as walking. Cover lots of ground with minimum effort

Top-Notch Gear

Brand new latest generation Segway i2 SE vehicles, specially developed in Germany for the Athenian roads.

Wi-Fi communication

The best, full Duplex, Wi-Fi communication system between you and the tour leader, keeping participants connected and informed at all times

Μounted cameras

In every vehicle, recording your experience to ensure that every spectacular moment of your tour is captured, shared and remembered

Love for Athens

Professional Local Tour Leaders Sharing the same Passion

State-of-the-art Equipment

Lifting your touring experience to new heights

Every tour is lifted to a whole new level with the latest add-ons of audiovisual technology. No experience can be matched with our collection of brand new Segway i2 SE vehicles, our high-quality helmets, inner Wi-Fi communication and mounted cameras capturing, sharing and allowing you to treasure this unique experience every step of the way.

  • Safety

    Not only you’ll get to ride one of the smartest gears, but you will do it in style!

  • 180° Video and Photos

    What is an experience worth if you can’t share it with your loved ones or if you can even recall yourself in the years to come?

  • Segway i2 SE vehicles

    Ride through the bustling streets of Athens with these brand new Segway i2 SE vehicles.

  • Listen, Ask freely

    Just riding along with your tour  leader and the rest of the group is simply not enough.

  • Hotel pick up upon request